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ai harmony, unity, blending

aihanmi basic relation between partners: both have same foot forward (left or right), compare gyakuhanmi

aihanmi katatedori wrist grip, right on right or left on left, also called kosadori, compare gyakuhanmi katatedori

aiki blending/uniting one's ki with that of the partner

aikibatto sword exercises, solo or pair

aikibudo budo based on the aiki principle, earlier name for aikido

aikido the way through the life energy to harmony/unity

aikidoka one who does aikido, specifically on an advanced or professional level

aikijo aikido jo-staff exercises

Aikikai organization and "label" for O Sensei Ueshiba's aikido

aikiken aikido sword exercises

aikinage aiki-throw, throwing technique

aikiotoshi aiki-drop, throwing technique

aikitaiso aikido warm-up exercises

aite partner in training

arigato thanks

arigato gozaimasu thanks for something going on

arigato gozaimashita thanks for something completed

atemi strike to the body

awase harmonizing/blending movement